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June 22, 2010


Cara Larose

Lousy food can definitely make our day gloomy. And we don't want our dearest elders to experience that inside their senior homes. We want them to enjoy every single day they spend at senior living, just like you Jan. I hope you had a great time while you were still living there..

Andrews Hayes

I'm so sorry for the lousy food, Jan. But I'm glad that you're still enjoying your stay there at the senior living. Do you have any photos of your place? I want to see how it looks like, and I also wanna see your friends there. =)

David Zarkin

I look forward to getting the Shaw bio. Mom loved your book and read it in a day. Sorry that food lousy at Open Arms. Friend from Palm Dessert here this month. She is thinking of moving back to Minnesota. Sun City getting too expensive.

Burl Barer

okay the famous author won't promo the book, but you can tell us who it was. Who was it?

Burl, your brother

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