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August 17, 2009


David Zarkin

So glad to get the update and will look for the Holden book. I loved him in Rachel and the Stranger. I knew he had drinking problem. Burl left a comment on my blog. Good news that your health is on the upswing. I am visiting Mom in a few weeks. She will be 95 Sept. 12. I have lost track of the Astor trial. I just finished reading Dalton Trumbo novel, "Johnny Got His Gun" after seeing a PBS documentary on him last week. Dave

Jack Dunbar

I'm so glad you are feeling a little better. I think about you and the times we spent together with fond memories. I moved back to Montana in May of this year, and am having a ball. For an old man I feel great.
Your friend,
Jack D

Tracey Schaaf

Great to read your blog again. Love Ann's idea about having someone scan the photos etc. It should be pretty easy if you can get all the stuff together.
Love to you.

Ann aka Sassywritestuff

So glad to read your blog today. Things sound better. If you are ever willing to have me visit, Hair piece or not, let me know and I'll be there. Miss you and our outings. I'll think up some good gossip, even if I have to make it up.

Ann Erdman

Hang in there, girlfriend! I'm wondering if you could hire some kid to start scanning the photos and columns that are in storage.

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