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June 11, 2009


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It was a tough workout but they put their heads down and moved forward. A couple of the guys really shined and as a group it was a workout to be proud of. Nice work ladies!!! A special shout out to Rich. He has not trained in a while and and he banged ouasdft the entire workout and didn't give up. That is the kind of spirit we have here with our guys, nice work bro.

David Zarkin

I hope your situation is improving by the day and thinking of you. The summer is going by so quick. Ann Hartmann is here to get away from Palm Springs heat. Got email from cousin Steven Copeland. Dave

Ann Erdman

It was great talking with you today (sorry if I tired you out). Tracey sends her love and left a couple of messages for you on Facebook today.

David Zarkin

I too look forward to a day when this madness is behind you. Keeping us posted online is a gift and keep your spirits up. love, Dave Z

Tracey Schaaf

What a welcome surprise to read your blog again! You continue to amaze and inspire me. Much love to you.

Mike Barer

Jan, glad that you updated your blog in spite of your discomfort. Hang in there Kiddo!


Best wishes to you from a friend of Ann Erdman. She speak highly of you. Your "Keeper" is fortunate to have you as an assignment. Your only assignment is to take care of yourself, I would think. No pressure to read or write, just to feel better and, as Cafe Pasadena says, do the things that bring you joy. I wish you the best.

Ann aka Sassywritestuff

Good to see you on your blog, even with theungood information. Keep remembering the crazy, fun times on all those 3rd weekends in June at SBWC. Prayers are following you from many places, especially my home back to you. I shut my eyes and see us at the Marina. Keep your spirits up. If you had strength equal to the people who love you, you are superwoman. Love and hugs, Ann

Ann Erdman

It did my heart good to catch you on the phone today. I'm glad you're back on the computer when time and strength allow. Give my best wishes to your keeper. Love you!!!!!

Cafe Pasadena

I pray things will get at least somewhat better for you. You still seem to have a sense of humor in this very challenging time in your life. As your strength allows, do the little things that bring joy & laughter to you.


I missed you online! Hope from the bottom of my heart that you get better soon.
Hugs, Ute

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