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November 20, 2008


Tracey Schaaf

You're a good girl...although I don't remember you always responding so well to nagging! But now you deserve a gold star! It's always great to read your blogs. Keep on keeping on.
PS I'm with you on the Rosie thing. Finally decided she's just a narcissistic nut job.

David Zarkin

This is the most wonderful article and it brought tears to my eyes. Although you are not running to parties with Trini Lopez, you have a wonderful life in your community. I too would avoid those memorial events like a plague. We all need a "Larry" in our lives. I wouldn't admit it but fluid retention is my problem as well. I was bloated on my cruise last week and when I got back I was 6 pounds over and called the nurse who dramatically increased my diuretic for two days which resulted in nasty leg cramps but the weight is gone. I am going to the exercise room now every day since they added a ditigal TV set. I am going to my ex-wife's estranged aunt's house for turkey day. Give my best to Lee and Valerie. Love, Cousin Dave


Finally caught up with you latest input. You really captured the family feel of your group. Should put that in the book. Felt almost nostalgic without the dej vu. I'm nuts, I know.
Miss seeing you. After this week, hope to get back in our lunch rhythm. Let me know what date the next scan is.

Burl Barer

Meanwhile, in Texas, your loving brother Burl and your kid's Beloved Auntie Britt attended the wedding of Anea Barer to Isaac Cummings. Allen Goldblatt flew in from San Francisco to "officiate" and the whole affair was lovely and fun. Your name often came up in conversation (all pleasant mind you), and we all wish you could have been here with us.
Yes, there are tons of pics, and you will see them soon. I get back to L.A. Monday night.
Keep breathing!

Your brother, Burl

Miss Havisham's Tea Party

You are so amazing.

I want a Larry.

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