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October 23, 2008


David Zarkin

I too love this picture and it's either Loon Lake or Spirit Lake. I am mailing this today to Mom. Good news that the docs can't find anything wrong with you but I am sure your weight loss is a worry. I would like to lose 5 lbs. but my nurse is glad that my weight is steady. My heart function has improved from two years ago. I leave in two weeks for Caribbean cruise. Take care. Cousin Dave


Love that picture of Nana with Autie Gertie and Cousin Dorothy! :)
Today has been a rough one. All day long (obviously it has been a long one - I should have been alseep hours ago) I kept on thinking about a year ago today... It just doesn't get easier. I still have her number in my phone, I just can't make myself delete it... I am really glad that my dad was here with me today - it would have been too hard otherwise.

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