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July 31, 2008


Dianne Patrizzi

Emphysema is better than the big C. Lot's of people have that, and with time, you can get stronger. I'm glad you have oxygen. I think about you often, even though I don't know you--somehow I feel like I do. Isn't that strange.

I am only a bit worried about dental stuff right now. If you can, put it off for as long as possible until you get a bit stronger.

I only say this because I am in the middle of a lot of dental work and it is really hitting me hard, and I don't have any other physical things to deal with, at the moment.

There will be better days coming for you.

Love from a stranger,
Dp (and Miss Havisham sends her well wishes, too.)

PS. We're fortunate that you are communicating with us out here in bloggoland.

Jan Curran

The oxygen is in what looks like a rollaboard suitcase - -handles and all. Idea is that you can then travel with it, go out in the car, etc. Even comes with a power plug to use in the car power outlet. So far not used it except in the apartment. Today Lee takes me to the doctor and we will turn it in to a portable and see how that goes. Need to build up the strength in my legs and arms to be able to drag it .. seems to me it weighs a ton.

Cara OConnor

WOW...thanks for the update. I admire your ability to attack all of these issues head on. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about your TO DO list since it seems that everything must all be done at the same time...Good Luck with it.

Is the oxygen on a little trailor or wagon? My MIL had something like that. One would think that would be standard equipment.

Sending you a cyber smile :)

Mike Barer

Our thoughts are with you!

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