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August 08, 2007


Maris Rabolini

Hi Jan,
It's been an awfully long time since I wrote and with travel between Belgium and Italy pretty much a constant (with some family tree research in between), I haven't been a constant reader of your blog. Hopefully once Franco retires and we lead a more settled life in Italy (Milan? Como?) I can follow your news and that of the family on a regular basis.
We leave Antwerp at the end of August - I wish I had known about Lee's visit to Belgium. Please don't tell me they were in Antwerp! Still, the welcome mat is out for all the family in either Sicily (Siracusa), Milan/Como, or The Hague - I just need fair warning, as we could be at any one of those three locations.
I have a question for the older Copeland contingent: does anyone remember hearing about a female relative of ours named Rose Kaplan, who lived in Spokane and was a optician? I've tried tracking her down to no avail and I have no other information about her.
Jan, please give your Mom my love and you can tell her that I miss hearing from the world's best penpal!
I would love to hear from ALL family members. I must admit that my family trees are a bit stale and I would really appreciate having fresh input. I'm always happy to send out these trees and directories of current family members and I enjoy answering questions about our family history.
Love from Antwerp, Maris

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