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May 01, 2007


Tracey Priestley Schaaf

Happiest of Bdays to you. Seems like only yesterday we were young, cute, and had our choice of men (although we sure did pick the wrong ones sometimes!)--time does fly! I will be 60 in July and do not understand how that could possibly be happening! Although it sure beats the alternative...life is good. Cheers to you, girlfriend.

David Zarkin

Super happy birthday, Jan! You should have a lot of chocolate cake. I had the frozen shoulder about 5 years ago resulting from my heart surgery. I had 2 doctors that wanted to operate but found another who recommended physical therapy. (He looked like an actor from an afternoon soap opera). You never get totally over it, but using a pulley to stretch the shoulder when you get past the pain stage worked for me.


Hi Jan, I remember in the past reading about your dental work, and it seemed a little inhumane to me. It seemed that in one day you had more done than any human being could be reasonably expected to tolerate. I'm glad you got through it.
Can you tell us the name of the restaurant you went to with your kids? I'm in the Bay area. I have relatives I visit in Orange County twice a year. They don't go anywhere nice to eat, Fuddruckers is about it. I'm looking to strike out on my own so I'd appreciate a recommendation.
I'm glad you're feeling well and seeing three out of four kids!

Mike Barer

Happy --birthday, I happen to know which one it is. Burl and I are reaching big milestones agewise this summer. I turn 50 in July.

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