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March 17, 2007


burl barer

Count the rings around your neck! HA! With me, you count the number of chins.


I just found this website. You're a good writer, I see where your children get their talent. I plan to read regularly. You look fantastic. I'm 45, and if I look like you as good as you do in a few years I'll be happy. Somehow I don't think so. I don't have your mega-watt smile. I hope you're feeling better. I wish my kids had grandparents. It's hard to believe people take them for granted. My kids have a huge loss, not having loving grandparents.

Mike Barer

I have a little Irish on my Mother's side, that's why I like a beer with my matzoh

David Zarkin

Keep working on that book. Your reports fro m the geezer front are marvelous. I talked to a guy who is doing a masters' thesis on the meaning of life. Your book will be easier to write.

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