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March 24, 2007


Tracey Priestley Schaaf

Keep it up baby...you're the best. I want to be you when I grow up...know that sounds silly but you are a true inspiration to me and many of my friends whom you have neve met.
It will all be good . Just hang in there.
Love to you and a big hug,

david Zarkin

I'm glad you enjoyed the Auntie Dora photo. I just wrote a short article on the early days of radio here. I think wig looks great, but don't know if it is comfortable. I have a $4 wig from the grocery store for Halloween that I could lend you.


I remember learning about Eleanor Roosevelt in elementary school and telling my grandmother at a party that they both had the same name, and "you look like her too" -everybody laughed and I didn't know why.
Books from grandmas are special. I hope you tell her why Eleanor Roosevelt was special to you. Why was she?
My obsession was with Helen Keller.
I'm glad you're having fun times, plan some more!

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