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December 31, 2006


David Zarkin

Taunt us with the beach scene. You made the right choice by moving to AK Villa; not having to cook, shop for food etc. removes a big stress. Also, it's good to socialize with others even if they are pushing wlakers. I am no spring chicken myself. Have a good trip to Seattle where I will be later this month to visit Mom who is 92.

Burl Barer

Yes, please share the exciting details of life with the Alta Cockers! Each year I come closer to becoming one myself, and I'm eager to know what I'll be like.

Burl (your much younger brother)


Happy New Year to you too!

When you head for Seattle,take along your very warmest clothes...it has been cold up here in Washington with temps down to 25 in the night.

Think writing about some of the funny..etc. items from "Alta Crocker" would be great. Give us all a glimpse of our future!!

Just finished your book 'The Statue of Liberty is Cracking up' and found it very entertaining. Write a sequel to it. Tell us what single life was about after the children left home. We who read your blog know you were successful in raising your children as they seem to have gone and made successes out of what they have decided is their life work.

May good health return to you in 2007!


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